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When Green Meets Gold

David Martin PhD., Executive Chairman of M*CAM—the international leader in innovation finance and trade—returns to ZOOM’D for a further riveting look at the relationship between the world’s growing green economy and the current global system of finance in a show entitled “When Green Meets Gold.” David reveals realities of the financial system to be aware […]

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Leadership and the 2020 Climate Challenge

Jim Garrison, Chairman and President of State of the World Forum, joins ZOOM’D to explore climate change and the global ecological system in breakdown—with specific emphasis on global warming and the need for all citizens to become climate leaders. Jim paints a clear picture of climate change realities, explains why targets and related actions must […]

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Integral Life: Supporting a Meta-Perspective

ZOOM’D welcomes Robb Smith, co-founder and CEO of Integral Life and CEO of Integral Institute, for a meta-view of realities today and the important supports that Integral Life and Institute provide to the wide and deep change in motion across the world. Robb explains the underpinning focus and orientation of Integral Life—the leader of the […]

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