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Kosmos Journal: Viewpoints on Global Shifts

ZOOM’D welcomes Dr. Nancy Roof, founder and editor-in-chief of Kosmos Journal, for a review of meta-perspectives revealed in the writings of contributors to this leading-edge global journal. Nancy describes the unique voice of the journal,key themes expressed about global shifts in motion,central contributions to be aware of, and the importance of taking integral whole-views of […]

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So What?

Join ZOOM’D host John D. Schmidt and Avastone colleagues in a synthesis of key themes and central messages from the first 13 shows and its rich array of guests. This “So What?” review will weave a compelling story in the context of today’s realities, desired futures, and a world of constant renewal. Don’t miss it!

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Wisdom Foundations of Leadership

John V. Davis, distinguished transpersonal psychologist and ecopsychologist and long-standing teacher of the Diamond Approach path to wisdom, joins ZOOM’D to enrich perspectives about the depth and foundational state of being that infuses the human condition and global leadership, further illuminating the realm of being that previous guest Richard David Hames broadly pointed to. From […]

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