Instinctual Intelligence—Part 2

Ted Usatynski

Ted Usatynski

Theodore Usatynski, founder and director of Instinctual Intelligence and author of Instinctual Intelligence: the Primal Wisdom of the Nervous System and the Evolution of Human Nature, joins ZOOM’D again for continuing exploration about how instincts function and develop and how they might be understood in relation to three coming world scenarios. Each of the three scenarios introduced in the previous show–Status Quo, Doom and Gloom, and Expansionary—offer mediums to both understand instinctual influences and further develop capacities for more rich and full recognition and consideration of reality. Ted continues to contextualize the conversation within the ongoing ZOOM’D dialogue about big change and addresses a range of practical perspectives in this show: dealing with self -judgment, working with the freeze response, and opening one’s capacity for a more complete and full flow of illuminated intelligence.

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June 20, 2011
Hosted by John D. SchmidtGuess:
Guess: Theodore Usatynski

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