Holding Multiple Perspectives

Geoff Fitch

Geoff Fitch

Geoff Fitch, founder of Pacific Integral and creator of Generating Transformative Change, an acclaimed integral leadership graduate certificate program, joins ZOOM’D to explore the importance of seeing issues and change from multiple perspectives. Geoff and ZOOM’D host John Schmidt reflect on current events—including the recent shooting of Arizona congresswoman Giffords and possibly the Egyptian demonstrations currently in process—to identify the many vantage points that an integral leader takes in discerning realities of what is truly going on. The dialogue teases out the multidimensionality of the world, the simplicity to be found beyond complexity, and the ground from which distinguished leadership springs in this era of extraordinary change. Join Geoff and John as they bring to life the practical capacities and the power for transformation needed in leadership for the future.

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january 31, 2011
Hosted by John D. Schmidt
Guess: Geoff Fitch

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