Monthly Archives: January 2011

Holding Multiple Perspectives

Geoff Fitch, founder of Pacific Integral and creator of Generating Transformative Change, an acclaimed integral leadership graduate certificate program, joins ZOOM’D to explore the importance of seeing issues and change from multiple perspectives. Geoff and ZOOM’D host John Schmidt reflect on current events—including the recent shooting of Arizona congresswoman Giffords and possibly the Egyptian demonstrations […]

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Checking Our Premise

ZOOM’D host John Schmidt continues to fly solo with a passionate examination of the fundamental premise and driver behind the economy: growth. This show serves as the fourth leg of exploration into our financial and economic system in motion and the limits to growth we now face. Primary factors that are barriers to long-term growth […]

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All One Crisis

ZOOM’D takes you out to big picture issues of the day, in to up-close-and-personal capacities of leadership, and toward a desirable future of constant renewal. Whether focused on the economic crisis, energy, climate change, or sustainability at large, ZOOM’D looks at what is really going on. We’ll examine patterns at play, drivers behind them, perspectives […]

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