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Holacracy: Liberating the Soul of Organizations

Brian Robertson, CEO of HolacracyOne and experienced entrepreneur most well known for his work developing a new paradigm for operating businesses, nonprofits, and other establishments, joins ZOOM’D to explore how to truly liberate the soul of an organization. Brian introduces the tenets of Holocracy™, a comprehensive practice for structuring, governing, and running an organization of […]

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Slow Money—Bringing Money Back to Earth

Woody Tasch, Founder and Chairman of Slow Money and Chairman Emeritus of Investors’ Circle, a network of investors focused on the flow capital to sustainability minded companies, joins ZOOM’D to explore an essential new strategy for investing in local food systems and what should come after industrial finance and industrial agriculture. Since the government isn’t […]

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Riversimple—New Car, New Business Model

Hugo Spowers, entrepreneur-engineer and founder of Riversimple LLP, a company whose purpose is to build cars while systematically eliminating environmental damage, joins ZOOM’D to explore Riversimple’s new energy efficient hydrogen vehicle—and the innovative whole-system business model behind it. Hugo brings to life his years spent designing racing cars and the evolution of Riversimple’s first project, […]

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